Services for Physician Offices

PharmaDiversion will provide expert DEA diversion consulting and work with you and your office staff to ensure that your office is in compliance with all DEA guidelines relating to purchases of controlled substances and their storage, their handling and their reporting requirements. Can you afford to loose your DEA registration? Contact us before DEA or contact us after.

Physician Offices


  • Physician’s Responsibility
  • Purchasing Drugs
  • Dispensing Records
  • Dispensing to Patients
  • Use of Prescriptions
  • Storage of Drugs
  • Storage of Rx Pads
  • Required DEA Forms
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Initial / Biennial Inventory
  • Use of Perpetual Inventory
  • End of Year Inventory
  • Reporting Thefts and Losses
  • Disposal of Outdated Drug
  • Staff Responsibilities


Fully Insured

In today’s business arena, necessary liability insurance is required in order to be successful. PharmaDiversion is fully insured to cover any liability issue that results from their actions.

With any consulting contract, PharmaDiversion will provide your company with a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” reassuring your company of our liability insurance coverage established as part of good business.

Insurance obtained through Risk Averse Insurance, Media, PA. For more coverage information contact Agent Marc Millison at (610) 675-8388.


General Business Liability Coverage:

  Each Occurrence $2,000,000
  General Aggregate $4,000,000
 Personal and Advertising Injury $2,000,000

Professional Errors & Omissions Coverage:

  Per Claim $1,000,000
  Aggregate Limit $ 1,000,000


"Contact us before DEA or..."